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Stowe Boyd: I Am Going To Be In Austin, After All


I wrote a post not long ago, called Why I Am Not Going To SxSW. I detailed my reasons for not going — uneven conference, too many crowds, too much of a Mardi Gras atmosphere — and that seemed to hit a nerve. I have heard back from a lot of folks, like in the comments, on Twitter, and in…

Journey of Madness: Project Management Tool


I have been testing a number of project management methods and tools for sometime. I’ve tried using my current note taking Apps:

But as you can imagined it’s not really doing the trick, so I went on to try…

Kirkness Associates: Is information hiding in your organisation?


Everyday we hear how wonderful Social Technology is don’t we? How can we use it to expose and share information about our customers, staff, prospects and partners?

If we’re honest, most of us have been wondering what the relevance was for business - particularly internally. The idea of creating…

What about a Social HRMS?


One of today’s hot topics is undoubtedly Social Networking within the enterprise and how to build employee engagement, share information and otherwise build a collaborative culture. But what about actually applying this new software paradigm to business applications such as HR Management Systems - what effect would this have?

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